Dear Parents,

At this time, UC remains closed as directed by the Government of Ontario so that we can do our part in preventing the further spread of COVID-19. We are also following the implementation of the Declaration of Emergency by Premier Doug Ford, along with the associated emergency measures, including the closure of non-essential workplaces and restrictions of social distancing to fewer than five people.

Please note that our learning continues for all UC students. Since the return from March Break, on March 25th, we implemented and continue to successfully execute our online virtual learning platforms with live interaction between faculty and students along with a variety of online learning programs to facilitate and enrich the learning experience for our students. Our objective is to continue to deliver ‘Excellence in Education’ during these unprecedented times.

While our personal meetings and family tours have been suspended, please contact us at if you have any inquiries of our programming or of availability for specific grade level placements for the 2020-2021 academic school year, as we would be more than pleased to make arrangements to connect with you virtually.

Our promise is to keep our families well informed by closely monitoring the evolving situation and to offer concise and effective communication to our community.

We thank you for your support during these unprecedented times. We look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

UC Administration

UC Parent Feedback on our Distance Learning Platform:

Hi Ms. ___, I would like to say big thanks to you, thanks for the dedicated time for our kids. I know it’s a tremendous effort in advance to get to this point and to have the online learning running, actually I was amazed by the kids, they are super cooperative. I like the mute button although there is no such button in real life! I am kidding ...Thanks for letting them enjoy a moment of learning. You made it through the first day, a big applause for you. We will get thru this together. Thanks!

We're writing to you to compliment you and the school for the way they have handled this crisis and found a way forward to minimize the impact from the current situation. We also wanted you to know how impressed we have been with Ms. ___. She has always been very accommodating, understanding and obliging whenever we need assistance, though I have never known first-hand what happens inside the classroom, until today.

It was really fascinating to watch her lead the social studies discussion on First Nations today. Rather than spoon feed students, she asked really interesting, open-ended questions. She made sure everybody participated equally in the discussion, and treated the students as adults, and they reciprocated.

It is because the setup and work the teachers are doing with the students, I am able to focus at work and not have to worry about ___ at home! Again, you and others teachers also contributed to support those in healthcare! Thank you!

Mrs. ___, I really appreciate the lengths you are all going to make everything happen. You are all doing an amazing job, certainly “Above and Beyond” if you ask me. Stay well and have a wonderful day!

Dear Mrs. ___, Thank you so much to you and to all of the staff for making this transition to learning so positive. You have addressed concerns and been very open in communication. It is clear that UC really cares and wants the best for the children.

My wife and I are so impressed with the detail of the learning plan and appreciative of the efforts of the staff and administration to initiate this new way of learning for all of us. Congratulations!

I just wanted to tell you all, again, how much we appreciate all you are doing during this challenging time. I am getting a strong sense that the kids are settling into their classes again and are very engaged. One thing this has taught them is how they can easily adapt to things outside of their control, which will ensure they never feel limited by circumstances! That there is a solution to every problem. Keep up the amazing work and most importantly, please stay safe and well.

Thank you for your dedication to the class, the Zoom classes seem to be well received by the kids. ___ is enjoying them.

You did a fantastic job - ___ said that he felt like he learned a lot in such a short time. Thank you for doing what you do and all that you do!

I would like to thank you for the effort of putting wonderful music lessons online. They are very engaging and top-notch quality. They are like Broadway shows. A lot of the time, I’ll sit down with ___ and watch the lesson with him. He really enjoys them. Thank you again and hope all is well.

UC Staff ‘social distancing’ and sorting 620 bags of student school books, workbooks and personal school supplies by class and then by postal code for individual at home ‘doorstep delivery’. Thank you, UC! What a great accomplishment and appreciated by everyone!

Thank you so much for helping to celebrate ___’s birthday today. I truly appreciate what you did for him. I saw the mention in Edsby and I heard about you and the class singing to him… and something about a cupcake. Thanks again.

Today is the first day that UC starts the online classes, ___ is really loving it. Many thanks for your tremendous efforts to take this big ‘Zoom’ challenge and make it happen!!!! Especially in such a short timeline! I can imagine all 23 – 13 year olds all face-timing each other all at once, really hard to manage. This is really amazing – Really appreciate it! With appreciation.

I am very appreciative of your work and school support. Everything is not easy during this period. I knew that you put a lot of effort in zoom lessons. ___ misses you so much and her classmates. She really wants to go to school. We know we can’t at this moment. She treasures the zoom lesson with you. Thank you so much! Take care and stay safe! Big hugs!

Today’s lesson was amazing! ___ is enjoying online learning very much and she loves to see you and her friends virtually. I want to thank you for your hard work, dedication and support in making this work for us. I know it’s hard juggling between online teaching and family. I totally understand as I am also working from home. Take care and be safe and thank you.

Dear Mrs. ___, Oh my goodness! We are doing our rotary classes during the weekends so that we can spend time in the afternoons doing fun activities like bike riding and playing hockey! But…we just logged on and watched your video! OMG! You are absolutely incredible and such an inspirational music teacher. The amount of time and effort you put into the video is just incredible. How did you create this? Your tech skills are amazing. We loved the video and were able to do it together. ___ and I had fun practicing along with the three parts and it was so much fun. We appreciated your humour and jokes along the way, too.

Thank you so much for this. It was the highlight of our morning!

Hello Ms. ___, Just wanted to share some feedback with you. ___ is absolutely loving your recorded sessions. She has watched the first 2 classes at least five times each. She is so engrossed in your sessions singing and tapping and clapping on cue! Thank you so much for all your efforts! I have very much enjoyed watching ___ in her element.

A student journal entry sharing their feelings (Grade 1):

Dear diary, Since the coronavirus has been reported on the news, the principal told us that we will return to school on April sixth instead of March twenty-fourth! I felt so surprised that it made me think that I would never have school ever again for the rest of my life! But, instead of staying home for two more weeks, at nine in the morning to twelve at noon, I turn on my laptop and go to the Edsby app to go on the Zoom app. My classmates and my teacher do the same thing, but some people go on iPads. This way, we can still have class just shorter. That calmed me down…Each day, we learn language, math and science. We also take a ten minute break after each period. During class, we unmute and mute ourselves, break up into groups and even see what we're doing on video! Also, we're planning to add gym and French to the schedule starting Wednesday. I learn new facts every day. It's like I'm in school! I'm looking forward to seeing my classmates, friends and teacher soon. Bye!