Unionville Montessori Foundation (UMF)

UMF is a private, not-for-profit enterprise which was founded in 2014. Our focus is to provide educational expertise and guidance to communities located in South and Central Asia, Eastern and Western Africa, and potentially other third-world countries/regions. The needs of rural communities and other resource-poor areas are given particular attention by providing long-term solutions to problems of poverty, illiteracy, and the lack of educational opportunities for youth.

Charity Foundatiion Projects
Charity Foundatiion Projects

Our Mission

Based in Ontario, Canada, the charity foundation UMF provides a range of educational services and expertise to marginalized people globally. The core mandate is to reach and educate underprivileged children around the world. By partnering with local charities and institutions we are able to provide value at the grassroots level ensuring that all resources are used effectively. We believe that the success of UMF is built upon our ability to create self-sustaining institutions, where communities are empowered with the responsibility of driving change.

UMF has recently partnered with the Lasallian Community Education Foundation bringing operational excellence to existing institutions primarily in South East Asia. We have already begun the process of identifying infrastructure, financial, and resource needs focused on producing sustainable institutions. In order to have a viable educational system that is self-sufficient, numerous areas have to be evaluated, not the least of which is parental involvement.

Our First Project


Colombo, Sri-Lanka (Northern slums)

Age Group:

Children under the age of 5

Foundation project at UC