A Tradition of Excellence

Unionville College has a consistent, yet evolving focus on exemplary instruction and student achievement.

In recent times we have seen a fundamental paradigm shift in learning with the use of technology programmes as an integral instrument for curriculum delivery. Among the leading educational technology programmes in Canada, one of the emerging trends has been the introduction of advanced technological hardware and innovative digital platforms within the classroom. UC has embraced this idea and is proactively taking a measured approach towards incorporating inventive methods of learning, thereby changing the face of the classroom environment. Our mandate, “Excellence in Education,” is the driving force behind this initiative. Digital education must be forward-leaning, recognizing that the “real world” for which students are being prepared is dynamic, with exponential changes especially in technology. Innovation is at the forefront of our priorities. As part of our ‘Blueprint for the Future’, UC recognizes the importance of providing state-of-the-art learning resources to all students. In the past five years, UC has embarked on a technological makeover with the same intention of giving our students an academic advantage and the necessary skills to grow as lifelong learners. More specifically we have completely overhauled our existing network infrastructure to a more robust and optimal cross-campus network design.

Connecting The Curriculum

In a society becoming increasingly reliant on technology, it is important for teachers to develop new forms of curriculum that students can easily relate to. Hands-on applications where information is relayed quickly and accurately is a resource that will make learning fun and interactive.

At UC, Our blended Technology and Chromebook programmes used as extension tools to enhance the current curriculum.

Our One to One device programme in grades 4 to 8 allows students to go above and beyond what is in the classroom. It provides students tools to access information without having to leave their classroom. Moreover, it allows teachers to differentiate their teaching with cutting edge technology that supports the various learning styles of students. It allows for a more student-centered learning approach where students are responsible for their own learning. By allowing students this active participation, they can engage in open-ended construction of knowledge. This type of project-based learning facilitates increased student engagement and therefore creates greater opportunities for higher education attainment with our current curriculum. More importantly, students can have an individualized programme, following the curriculum expectations, while utilizing their strengths and supporting their weaknesses.

STEAM education technology programs
STEAM education technology programs

Preparing For the Future

A school’s education programme must be fluid, ready to shift and change to ensure that students have the knowledge and skills of today and tomorrow. Towards this purpose, UC offers our students a one-to-one device programme beginning in grade 4.

The world is in motion, and the information that is true or valuable today could be obsolete tomorrow. Students must be prepared with the ability to learn, critically evaluate, and apply new concepts that come their way. UC believes having a personal device allows students to explore ideas in the classroom and enhance their learning. In correlation with the One to One Device technology initiative, the UC Information and Communication Technology (ICT) standards document is a framework for students, teachers, and administrators to be utilized for teaching, learning and reflecting the current curricular programme. The UC ICT standard framework provides enhanced digital methods of delivering the Ontario curriculum so that the various learning styles of students may be addressed. Technology is of interest and a common means of communication for our students. It makes technology an excellent strategy for student choice and engagement. Integrating digital literacy within the teaching and learning content, process, product, and environment provides our students with essential skills for work and life.

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Guided Approach for technology programs
Guided Approach for technology programs


UC has successfully integrated STEAM into each of its academic programmes including literacy, social studies, art, history, french, and music as well as other elective courses. Our students have access to the latest materials in our specially designed STEAM labs as well as numerous cross-curricular possibilities to meet or exceed their specific skills. Under this innovative approach, our purpose is for students to develop and master critical abilities through interdisciplinary projects and programmes. We encourage and promote the 4C’s approach - critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity as 21st century skills.

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) outpaces other educational technology programmes in Canada by providing project-based and problem-based learning options. Our specialist STEAM teachers prioritize individualized learning so that every subject and discipline taught in our technique is based on actions. Up-to-date STEAM technology hardware allows our students to learn by doing, making, and experiencing. We offer modern AR/VR and Machine Learning curriculum enrichments. Our objective is to enable young learners to use STEAM to solve real-world problems.

UC collaborates occasionally with world-class businesses, industries, and educational institutions through competitions or showcases. Ultimately we hope to instill the passion for research and innovation in our students.

The Remtulla Innovation & Technology Studio (RITS)

We are proud to introduce “The Remtulla Innovation & Technology Studio” (RITS).

At UC, the RITS is more than just a Technology Studio. It is a strong and unprecedented approach to education that uses cutting-edge technology to provide students with enriching and relevant educational experiences. The RITS Lab resources will allow all students and teachers from all disciplines to bring their ideas into reality. This Lab is to be used in our technology classes beginning from grade One.

In September 2022, the RITS at UC will open its doors, bringing with it new curriculum units aimed at promoting technical literacy, engineering abilities, problem-solving capability, and group interaction. Each of these units takes advantage of UC's new facilities to teach students about a variety of modern professional topics, such as computer programming, computer-aided design, augmented reality/virtual reality, and advanced manufacturing. The curriculum is also tailored to address the needs of the diverse student group at UC. These learning opportunities support students looking for ways to stand out while applying to the country's top scientific and engineering institutes. UC is delighted to be a regional leader in STEAM and Innovation education.

Grades 1-3

Each student is given access to blended technology, which includes and ipad and/or Chromebook. This will be used in class as an extra learning resource to support the Digital Curriculum. Students are also given licenses to the latest in Coding programs.

Grades 4-8

Each student receives their own personal Chromebook at the beginning of the school year. This will be used in class as an extra learning resource to support the curriculum. This in effect will create a bridge for students as they enter secondary education. UC has developed a strict usage policy to ensure appropriate use while in the school and at home. This will ensure that the students get the most benefits of our programme in terms of education.

Grades 9-12

Each student receives their own personal Laptop with Windows operating system. This will be used in class as well as an extra learning resource to support the Curriculum. Students are also given licenses to Creative Cloud.