Creating a Safe Place to Learn

With reliable campus security in Unionville College, parents can feel confident that their children are in a safe and secure environment. The Campus grounds are monitored using a sophisticated security system and 24-hour camera monitoring inside and outside the buildings, and in the parking lot area. Moreover all of the building doors remain locked and all visitors are screened through a visual intercom system.

Students are not permitted to leave the campus unless accompanied by a teacher, parent, or guardian, because of our campus security instructions. During the beginning of their school year students and parents are given an orientation of the campus, along with contact information of Unionville College faculty, in event of any emergency. All relevant information regarding meeting hours, office timings, contact methods, and campus map are shared with families in September. The safety and security of our students are of the utmost priority.

Best and safe place to learn
Best and safe place to learn

Unionville College provides safety maps with outlined safety routes in each classroom or common area for day-to-day mobility. In any kind of emergency, students and parents are able to contact the main office to receive updates on their child’s status and well-being.

Unionville College has always and will continue to commit towards maintaining a safe and secure space for its students to encourage their learning, creativity, expression and growth. We are an inclusive community which prohibits any discrimination based on racial/ethnic backgrounds, culture, language, gender expression, sexual orientation, family structure, cognitive or physical ability, economic class, and religion.

Unionville College also has a no-tolerance policy against bullying of any kind within its community. If any concerns arise, students or parents are encouraged to contact the principal for assistance.

UC is committed towards the emotional and physical security of its students and we will leave no stone unturned in providing a safe space to our students to voice their fears or anxieties. Our highly trained personnel are committed to working alongside parents to foster a positive climate that supports academic achievement for all students.