Our Mission

To promote academic excellence within an enriched curriculum by providing positive educational opportunities for children which foster leadership, achievement, and a love of learning.

Recognizing that facts and figures change, we also focus on teaching children how to learn rather than merely what to learn. This approach reinforces creative thinking, problem solving, team building, and self-confidence. These four elements are critical to the development of future success. They guide our Casa Montessori, Elementary and Secondary School educational programmes.

Our Philosophy

Unionville College (UC) is dedicated to providing an exceptional learning experience. Students are active participants in their own education. Classroom lessons encourage students who get admission to explore, discover, challenge, and debate as they engage in dialogues with their peers and their teachers.

UC strives to provide a well-rounded approach to education. Students develop the skills they need to succeed in school and in life through activities that promote academic excellence, self-reliance, good sportsmanship, aesthetic appreciation, and critical thinking.

We help our students to become self-motivated and self-disciplined scholars as well as responsible citizens in their community, their country, and their world. At UC, learning is a total life experience.

  • UC reflects the full spectrum of educational approaches, traditional to progressive.
  • UC admission is selective and this helps to ensure that students are well matched to academic programmes, the school’s objectives and the student achievement expectations.
  • UC believes that character and ethics matter and school traditions emphasize honesty, civility, self-discipline and personal responsibility.
  • UC believes that success requires personal resolve and self-motivation and these qualities must be developed.
  • UC students are expected to assume an increasingly active, leadership role. They learn to balance the curriculum expectations with other commitments.
  • UC has class sizes which permit personalized learning.
  • UC believes that successful outcomes are a sound measure of accountability.