Striving for Excellence

Through ongoing research and development, we constantly monitor our practices and seek new ways to improve. This includes the type of educational resources we invest in to stay updated with the modern trends in educational technology. We use these measures to deliver the ideal learning experiences for our classrooms. As a result, we have been at the forefront of utilizing advanced technology, such as SMART Boards, Laptop programme, and cloud computing as part of our education strategies.

SMART Boards, for example, have been installed in every elementary classroom and put the most advanced and effective teaching/learning tool in the hands of students and teachers every day and for every lesson. They also permit teachers to give external access to parents and students so they can review daily lessons, consult the online textbook and receive immediate information from the comfort of their home. As you would expect, UC also provides the most current, hard-copy editions of textbooks, manipulative math materials and subject specific resources.

In addition, we contract independent staff to monitor the content of our curriculum and teaching strategies on a regular basis. Students themselves from grade 1 to 8 also participate in external assessments annually. Through ongoing research and evaluation we are able to adjust our teaching methods to maintain a progressive curriculum while also meeting the specific needs of our students.

The research and development team is composed of faculty leads, education administrators, along with various external stakeholders. On an ongoing basis, we conduct spot evaluation of the curriculum to ensure that we can meet the established goals year after year. With this approach we have been able to implement some of the most advanced learning strategies which include:

Balanced Literacy

Financial Literacy

Computer/Technology Skills Curriculum

Digital Literacy

As it stands, UC is focused on expanding the availability of new digital technologies such as SMART Boards within the campus allowing students the opportunity to leverage new mediums of learning. Because of a changing educational landscape we realize the need to constantly adapt and improve our environment so as to ensure students are provided with the utmost benefit.

Innovative trends in education
Innovative trends in education

Every year at UC we look to get better. It is our commitment to continuously improve, to undertake school expansion, invest in programme innovations, and in state-of-the-art resources that support your child’s learning experiences.”

Rosemin Remtulla – Director of Education