Lifelong Learners

Our teachers are also lifelong learners. Every year, we encourage them to seek new qualifications and skills. Our teachers hold robotics and coding certifications, Chromebook and iPad certifications, and much more. This prepares our teachers to give students the latest skills they need to succeed. UC students learn new skills from educators who know the latest in education. The world is changing quickly, and our teachers reflect this in their lessons. We look forward to having you meet our fantastic team and showing you what they can do for your child.

Qualified and Innovative

All of our Montessori teachers hold recognized Montessori qualifications. As experts in Montessori education, they help curious young children succeed and grow. UC elementary and high school teachers are in good standing with the Ontario College of Teachers. They combine the UC philosophy with the official Ontario curriculum. This gives our students the best of both worlds. Each teacher brings something unique to our team. We make sure that all our students learn from exceptional people.